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Marrds is a new, contemporary company which produces an innovative Tandoori Marinade to tantalise the taste buds for everyone to enjoy. The marinade has proved to be highly successful within the district with outstanding feedback and repeat orders from customers already taking place.

A common question of Marrds consumers is "When will this be available to buy in tastes so good’" which is now my reason for approaching successful retailers, such as Tong Garden Centre.

The Tandoori marinade recipe has been a secret within my family and handed down through the generations, after many requests by friends to have access to this after sampling at celebrations and events we had the confidence to share this with the world, the product consists of a blend of 10 different spices and sauces. One of the ingredients is slow roasted for three days which helps give the intense flavour and deep richness of the product.


It has been enjoyed at BBQs, parties and for 'everyday dishes'. I personally use it at every given opportunity

when I have guests, cooking for two or cooking for myself (as it is quick and easy to use).

Each jar consists of 200g of marinade. The product has been rigorously tested and has a shelf life of 12 months.

It is quick and easy to use with a long shelf life to give customers real value for money.

The marinade releases a rich, tasty flavour distinct to the brand, the intense flavours and aromas

are released through both the marinade and cooking process.

Unlike most sauces, this marinade is versatile and can be used as a base for a curry sauce, BBQs, roasting and grilling.


This product is home manufactured and great care and attention is used to create the perfect Tandoori marinade.


We also produce large commercial sized buckets , 2.5 litres at £13.00 and 10 litres at £45.00, these might be suitable for your butchers department if they wanted to sell marinated meat, this is a growing business for us .Very popular with butchers shops.


       from the beginning to reality...       

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